I had never been a ‚water guy‘. I love swimming but always with the beach in sight. So I‘m not the typical canoe dude who learned all necessary tricks when I was young. I always chose the ‚landtrack‘ when I got the chance to choose.

Then I found out, canoeing is the best way to get out of ‚the roads‘ instantly. The moment you left off you entered a different world. A world of different rules and rhythm. Actually that‘s what I‘m looking for, areas without the usual comfort, without double safety and a McDrive every 30km.

At first I made some experience with a rubber canoe with a great model name – ‚Adventure‘ by Grabner Boote (AT). Really outstanding and awesome product… if you are a tough paddler willing to push hard in flowing water, you’ll really love it in easy white water … so not the perfect deal for me as a beginner trying to find a starting point in skills on a flat lake.

Last year I found my perfect setup. A folding canoe by Pakboat. They got several different models, I chose the pakcanoe165. You can configure it narrow or wide and it‘s perfect for solo or dual paddling. After testing different seat and weight positions this canoe is a perfect companion for what I want to do.

Unfortunately 2020 interrupted my plans for being ‚on the flow‘.

I hope 2021 will bring more opportunities to get out on the water. As soon as the temperature rises I‘d like to continue working on my learn curve.