A part of Vienna‘s filmhistory is irretrievably gone.

For many many years the famous Rosenhügel Studios in Vienna were a centre of the austrian filmmaking industry. The huge area was dedicated to film and not only the 6 big stages but about 30 companies with different film services were located within this little „film town“, that’s what it was called „Filmstadt Wien“.

The reason I still put those pics in my Portfolio Collections is because I spent half of my life exactly there and many of my friendships are related to this studio lot. Some of them still ask me where they can find those pictures.

About 7 years ago modern times brought big changes in how things should be produced. The Austrian TV broadcaster ORF and Viennese officials decided to sell it, now there’s 2 stages left but no more ‚filmtown‘ around, no more spirit inside.

Just before the official doors were closed I had the chance to take some last impressions of stage-1 as it was.

Actually this stage (stage-1) is still standing, but not surrounded by any useful buildings anymore, as it was before. The clue of this stage had been the multifunctional areas, technical rooms and different departments around.

Now I just want to add some pictures of areas that have vanished.
Stage-2 and Stage-3, as well as some impressions of the area in between.

Synchronhalle – stage-6

Finally Stage6. It is still in use and now called Synchron Stage Vienna.
The following fotos were taken before it was renovated.