My lifetime passion for photography and moving images.

It began very early in my childhood. My father had become a known film-/tv-producer in Austria and so my natural „playground“ were filmsets and editing rooms. I grew up with filmproduction taking place in our house and living room.

When I was about ten my father gave me his Nikon FA, because he preferred his older model (EL). When I was a Youngster I could capture a cover foto for the austrian newspaper ‚Krone‘ and so I found out that this might be my passion. I learned to develop my pictures in my own darkroom at home. Avery good press photographer and friend of my father was my photography mentor for some years (Herbert Graf).

This a capture of my father and me shooting fotos for a bookprojekt in Israel 1990.

Meanwhile over the years many cineastic feature films, TV-/ and mini-series, documentaries and TV-Shows for Austrian television were produced and I was lucky to be a tiny gearwheel in this successful company. After founding my own web startup called 4U.TV I still did client production work. Managing our DVD and new media production department was also a part of my job.

As always, I tried to do a lot of creative production work by myself like directing, editing and camera operating. First of all because I just love it and it’s a big part of my personal passion. Things never get boring when you love looking through a viewfinder.

Sometimes my role was spontaneously different, sometimes it was even as a ‚backhead double‘ in the feature film about Falco‘s life ‚Verdammt wir leben noch‘. You could say this pic together with then german actor Christian Tramitz was taken in my time in Hollywood – 48 hours in 2008. 😂

(Actually it‘s one of Manueal Rubey’s costumes I‘m wearing!)

Nearly always I took my camera with me, unfortunately sometimes I didn‘t use it exactly when actually should have… but nevertheless I got a huge amount of images after 30 years in film production life.

Because things in TV- and film-business were changing for me I did more and more of photography works. I added studio light skills to my portfolio, I learned a lot about light setups in professional workshops. My Outdoor love became dominant in 2010 or so, when offroading and being out on ‚offroads’ started to turn out as my passion.

I quickly found out it‘s not just a weekend entertainment, but the next skill package in my life to learn. In the Portfolio Collection OFFROAD LIFE I try to describe feelings you‘ll have starting with this ‚hobby‘.

The biggest gift in my life is my great and beloved family who supports me wherever they can all the time. I really love them more I can tell. My son will stay anonymous, while my wife (woman for life) has no problem with being seen on my pics. 🧡

Different Times – Different Solutions

The Pandemic gave me another push to start publishing my photographic work, and here we are…