GPS Tracker and Training Device

I found out most gps trackers for dogs are nice as long as you got a telekom network provider available…

But if your dog gets lost in an area where there’s no data network (gprs/lte/etc.) available or you simply dont want to use it, you need to have a device that works offline.

So I ended up buying a not really chaep but really awesome solution for us: hunting dog tracker by garmin.
And the best thing about it is it‘s not just a tracker, its a really really great training device!

Not only for emergencies…

… the idea of this device is using a direct radio signal in combination with a handheld gps, so a two way communication between your dog and your device is established.

With the push of 3 buttons you can make the bracelet …
1. beep very loud,
2. start vibrating like a smartphone, and
3. switch on a bright light.

On the gps map you can see your dogs (up to 20 dogs!) if they are moving or resting in realtime.

Really helpful tools when you and your dog are used to it!

We started using this thing sometimes, maybe a little more frequently in the future.

Its great to use it while exploring and to track your dog‘s route and your own. Always fun to see who‘s done more distance – of course it‘s the dog! 😂

Garmin Atemos 100/KS System


Februar 2022

März 2021

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