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I absolutely love my new bag!

First bag ever that satisfies my tendency to only shop things I believe I can maybe keep until the next generation is ready for it!

I’m very sure ABSOLUT CANOE @absolut_canoe will be happy to help you and take any of your orders! Please ask for and talk to ‚Bene‘!

Just give @absolut_canoe a little hint you were inspired by my pictures, you will not regret it!

Within the next months ABSOLUT CANOE will be one of my main partners, providing superb support and a ‚top of the top‘ product range!
Many thanks for that Bene @absolut_canoe

My bag (on pic):
FROST RIVER Nessmuk Pack 840

… by the way: If they say ffp2, I go for ffp3 (without valve)


Februar 2022

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Januar 2021


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