This is my essential pack I even take with me to urban areas. It may seem like an overkill for you, but I got something for you to think about…

Last week most of us were just a tiny bit away of a possible electric power shutdown of most powerplants in Central Europe (wich is known as ‚Blackout‘).

On 8.1.2021 @ 13:05 the southeast part of our continental network was cut off, due to a heavy frequency falloff.
It is winter in Austria, tempertures are far below 0 degrees these days. Due to Covid-19 we are still in a kind of lockdown.

… can you follow my thoughts?

I‘m sure it’s a chainreaction of multiple emergencies that multiplies danger and many negative effects could happen (some say will happen) anytime.
We all got one permanent emergency right now, you know what I mean…

Sounds maybe surprising for you, but we all will NOT be prepared for a blackout in Winter in a pandemic situation… I really believe it makes sense for you, your family and your best friends to think through such possible scenarios. 😉🤞🤞🤞

More info about last weeks incident:


check network frequency online in realtime:

DE: https://www.netzfrequenzmessung.de
AT: https://www.apg.at/de/markt/Markttransparenz/Netzregelung/Netzfrequenz

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In this Article I just want to give you first unsorted inputs…

… we will get into details in the next episodes.

There are a lot of different things to think about, but some of them might be forgotten and can get crucial, if not organized BEFORE things happen.  

I’m quite sure a blackout won’t happen when we are best prepared, when we are at home after our weekend shopping together with our loved ones.

Things might happen when you are at work or somewhere miles away fro home in Winter. Many of us have jobs where we are reliant on cars/busses/trains all day. Children might be in school or somewhere around with friends.

I really believe this is one of the most important questions to discuss with your loved ones, your family and your best friends in advance. 

Which family member is gonna stay where he/she is?
And who should pickup whom, when and how? 

Don’t forget about other family members and your own parents! Are they all self reliant? Will anybody need any help or anything?

There are civil organizations everywhere that are a good starting point for you for further planning.

In Austria in my area i.e. the Lower-Austrian Zivilschutzverband provides a lot of Information about all kinds of civil emergencies and  you’ll find even blackout specific downloads and guides there, amongst many other topics:

A blackout specific leaflet with instructions is available as download:
Safety Ratgeber Blackout (pdf)


  • A Blackout can happen anytime and obviously won’t happen when we are best prepared.
  • Take your time and think through and discuss your family specific scenario.
  • Get Information about your local area. Collect information about Civil Protection around you.
  • It might never happen, but a plan is what makes the difference if it happens.

Some picture related extra information:

Of course electric power is an essential tool, even in a blackout scenario.
These items are ‚level2’ extensions for my blackout kit.

All my flashlights and electric gadgets in the house are equipped with rechargeable batteries. So better to have plenty around.
You‘ll ask me how I will recharge them when there‘s no electric power? 😉

Big Lithium Powerstation/Powerpack (Goal Zero – Yeti 400) with USB, 220/110V Output and a 12V incar plug.
The big black ‚map‘ behind the powerpack is a 100W solar panel for recharging use.

Have at least one Powerbank at home!
Even when electricity is gone for an hour just in your area (happened twice where I lived within the last 5 weeks), phone/GPRS/LTE networks are often still operational.
Maybe you just need your navigation app to find a local hospital, pharmacy or whatever… powerbanks are best when always in use, because you‘ll be recharging them frequently. The ones on the picture are Otterbox and Anker Powerbanks, but you‘ll find them in all shapes and sizes.


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