Tim Mrkwicka

Tim Mrkwicka

My lifetime passion for photography and moving images began very early in my childhood. My father then ran a young but known film and tv production company and so it became a second "playground" for me as a kid. You could say I grew up with the complex production processes of feature films, tv series, documentaries and later TV-Shows. After a web startup project called 4U.TV I did a lot of client production work as well as managing our DVD and new media production. As always, I tried to do a lot of creative production work by myself like directing, editing and camera operating, because it's fun & part of my passion I think. Until today I'm shareholder of the company my father founded. Photography used to be my 'other' passion but it gets more important in my life than I thought it would.


35 years photographing and counting …


Galleries Archive

A collection of shots from the past and the present.


Like What You Saw?

Passion for moving and still images.

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